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Donation Opportunities

Concession monies, registration fees, and sponsor stipends provide each league or
organization with funds to cover operation and maintenance costs.

The growth and success of the CARA complex is impressive, but it has placed CARA in
a difficult positon. To date, volunteers have been the lifeblood of the organization. The
generosity of citizens, local businesses, and area contractors has been overwhelming.
However, the dilemma facing CARA is that the need to maintain the facilities will create
an ongoing set of challenges. Another source of revenue is needed.

Presently, porta-potties are used to accommodate players and spectators alike. Service
centers could provide modern toilet and changing amenities, eliminating the impersonal
factor and reducing discomfort.

The paving of parking areas and facility accesses could minimize the dirt and dust factors
while producing a cleaner, healthier, open environment.

A simple integrated security system could protect buildings where valuable equipment,
fixtures, and inventories are located.

There are several ways that one can help with the ongoing maintenance and enhancement
of the CARA complex. In the past several years, CARA had benefited from gifts from
trust funds, outright financial grants from local enterprises, and memorial gifts honoring
specific individuals who had some connection to local sports and/or the CARA complex.

Two snack bars are named “Bob’s Kitchen” honoring Bob Burns, one of CARA’s most
active and ardent supporters. A set of three flagpoles with a surrounding ornamental
garden was gifted for another individual who loved youth sports, but had no direct
connection to CARA. Several trees and decorative shrubs have been planted in honor of
another person who was a long-time CARA member.

The CARA Board of Directors has established a perpetual care fund with the intention of
supplementing monies to build a long-term capacity of support, development, and

Donations may be gifted with specific directives such as the flag poles or trees, or may be
directed into the CARA Endowment Fund to be used over a longer period of time.


Michael Bechard, CARA Treasurer
Mark O’Brien, CARA President
or any CARA board member